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Help for Inmates

Since 1985, our program has been helping inmates of the Macomb County Jail with their recovery needs. Once out of the lifestyle, many people start to think about making healthy changes in their lives, and seeking out recovery services is often a part of that process.

All of our services are FREE. Services may be requested directly by inmates. Referrals are accepted from courts, family, friends, as well as other jail or community-based services. If you would like to make a referral to our program, please call us at (586) 307-9570 or contact us here.

Services Available

Fast Track: Fast Track meets three times a week for 4 weeks or until 12 sessions are completed. Fast Track helps people make important decisions about their recovery needs, gain coping skills and link to community resources.

Reentry Track: Reentry Track meets once a week for 12 weeks or until 12 sessions are completed. Reentry Track allows clients to have more time to focus on specific recovery needs. Reentry Track services are limited to certain housing units.  Inmates must have at least 6 weeks of incarceration remaining at the time of enrollment to qualify.  Court mandated inmates will be considered for placement on a floor where Reentry Track is available, at the discretion of Jail Administration.

Fast and Reentry Track Availability: The jail does not allow inmates from multiple housing units to attend group services together.  For this reason, Fast and Reentry Track services are only offered to a limited number of housing units at time.  The housing units that receive Fast and Reentry Track services are rotated, based on the demand for services.  Our program monitors the housing location of all inmates requesting services and extends the opportunity for services when they are available.

VSAT: Veteran’s Substance Abuse and Trauma Program meets once a week for 12 weeks or until 12 sessions are completed. VSAT is specifically designed for Veterans and would be provided instead of Reentry Track. VSAT is subject to availability within the jail.

AA/NA: Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are available to inmates residing in the tower housing units.  AA/NA meetings are rotated to allow inmates from different housing unit to access the meetings.

Peer Recovery Coach Referrals: Clients enrolled in Fast/Reentry Track or VSAT can request a referral to a Peer Recovery Coach. Residency in Macomb County and participation in MCOSA funded substance abuse services is required.

Got Narcan? We do! And it’s FREE!

Narcan is a brand name for naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

FREE Narcan & Training: